‘’Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left of you’’ _ Katie Reed

Water is life, and one way of taking care of ourselves is to keep hydrated. You don’t want to be dehydrated because it can cause you not to think clearly, have mood changes, cause your body to overheat and lead to more serious health issues. (CDC)

Keeping the above in mind, we have a competition for you, with great prizes to win! 


What do you need to do?

  1. Take your NSCF water bottle with, when you exercise, work and socialize with friends and family (NSCF branded water bottles have been couriered to your institution and you will be receiving these soon!).
  2. Take a photo (or ask someone else to take it for you) while you drink your water using the NSCF water bottle – make sure that the photo features you, the NSCF water bottle with the branding visible, and the activity you are doing (exercising, working or socializing).
  3. Post your photo on any of your personal social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tiktok.
  4. Tag the NSCF page when you post.
  5. Use the following hashtags: For exercising (#NSCFVirtualForum2022, #Water_Exercise, #DrinkWater); for working (#NSCFVirtualForum2022, #Water_Work, #DrinkWater); and for socializing (#NSCFVirtualForum2022, #Water_Social, #DrinkWater).
  6. One person may enter for multiple categories, provided they do separate posts for each category, but will only be eligible for a prize in one category.
  7. Be creative and have fun!

Here are the NSCF handles to tag, for each social media platform:
Facebook: @NSCFSA
Twitter: @NSCF_SA
Instagram: @nscf_sa
LinkedIn: Natural Science Collections Facility (NSCF)
Tiktok: @nscf_sa


The post with the highest number of likes and shares wins!

One winner per category!

Competition starts next week Tuesday, 18 October 2022 and closes on Wednesday, 26 October 2022, 16h00.

Winners will be announced on day 4 of the Forum, 28 October 2022.

Keep an eye on the Forum webpage for Forum-related updates: