Getting to know Aabid

Aabid describes himself as honest, responsible, trustworthy, independent, and with a strong sense of integrity. He takes the initiative, works well in groups, and is always optimistic about the upcoming task. He is reliable, adaptable to any situation, and a quick learner.

Aabid is a collection assistant who works on collection management and specimen digitization. His responsibilities include managing the Invertebrate Paleontology and Geology Collection, assisting with administrative tasks, public engagement or interaction (presentations), data capture or audit inventory (specimens/samples) and preparation and processing of material.

Aabid’s interest in working with collections goes beyond just managing them. He is dedicated to ensuring the effectiveness and efficiency of the collection as well as protecting the credibility and reliability of data and specimens because these specimens are preserved for future generations and are managed under curation processes.

His greatest learning has been with regards to the importance of collections. According to Aabid, the invertebrate paleontology and geological collections contain a wealth of information. Their scientific interests include the history of all plant and animal life (fossils), the planet Earth (rocks and minerals), a diverse range of physical materials and chemicals, and the history of science.

Aabid as a leader: Aabid has learned to have confidence, self-awareness, emotional intelligence in himself and his leadership. He hopes to share his knowledge and values with his colleagues and institution, as well as contribute to the collection’s success.

He believed that for a young leader to transition into their young leader role, they must maintain clear communication with the supervisor and foster the development and growth of professionalism, which he calls ‘intellectual intelligence’ in the work environment.

Aabid is looking forward to the growth he will gain and the learning outcomes from the workshop.

Preparation for the workshop: 

“Reading the articles given to prepare us for the workshop.”

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