Getting to know Pumela

Pumela is known for being full of positive energy and a well-organised leader and team player. She describes herself as a very good communicator and a hard worker who enjoys taking on challenges and winning.

She believes that the role she plays in securing natural science collections is monitoring and managing everything that happens in the collection, ensuring that she knows what’s “what, where, when, and how” in her collection. She believes that their uniqueness and irreplaceability make them important.

A typical day for Pumela involves taking temperature readings, checking and responding to emails, reviewing the previous day’s work, then starting on the present day’s work, ensuring that everything is not exposed to light before she leaves.

Pumela’s greatest learning in her career: 

“No matter how small or tiny the specimen/object is, it carries so much value that once lost, nothing can be done. Example: type specimens.”

Pumela as a young leader: Pumela has realised of herself that she is capable of managing a collection in the absence of her supervisor, which came about when her supervisor was on maternity leave last year and Pumela kept the collection functioning in all aspects. Pumela notes that although it was challenging, she is proud of the work she did.

She expects the workshop to open her eyes to what an emerging leader should execute in the institution and to self, what it means to be a good leader, the qualities of a good leader, and how they should behave. She is, however, concerned about how to execute her leadership roles alongside her supervisor, and she needs the ‘Do’s and Don’ts’. She intends on building a good interpersonal relationship with her supervisor, knowing how to communicate with one another and recognising her own position.

Pumela sees it as important to invest in young leaders because, as they always say, “the future is in the hands of the young.” She believes that if we are trained and educated, we have the capacity to lead and take over where needed or when the time is right.

Preparation for the workshop:

 “Reading leadership related notes and notes sent by Fulu”

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